Plan a relaxing holiday

It’s a common irony in life when a person finally gets to take a much-needed vacation, and gets sick as soon as they get away from work.

The reason for this situation being common is easily explained. Most people, as they prepare for their holidays, are in a state of disarray; trying to tie loose ends at work, packing a suitcase, finding a house or pet care, finding visas or passports, organizing and cleaning the house, preparing a yard, creating “to-do” lists for people, the list goes on. When you finally go on vacation, your body needs a break. Your immune system is suffering from lack of sleep and excessive stress. This is the perfect time to attack the virus and get to a strong place.

There is another reason for disease attacks during the holidays. Often people choose a trip that is not relaxing for them.

Two years ago my wife and I went on vacation with friends. We went cross-country skiing at a resort. The cabin we slept in was beautiful, we were surrounded by close friends and the weather was good – it seemed like a recipe for a wonderful holiday. Unfortunately, our friends were much better skiers than us, and they made us so torn that we had a painful day. Also, we were free in the evenings, and trying to keep up with friends ’drinking was a big mistake. My wife and I were tired and sick when we returned from vacation.

The way to avoid a bad holiday is to plan ahead.

– Think about the purpose of the holiday. If you want to reduce stress after a busy day at work, make sure the destination will give you the peace of mind you need.

– Take a vacation before the holidays. Take three or four days off from work to start work so you can plan and start to slow down gradually.

– Prepare before your holiday. If you need documentation (visa / passport), prescriptions, reservations, tickets, etc., before you get it. Nothing is more relaxing than a sense of preparation.

– In the end, don’t feel like you have to do anything on holiday. There is often pressure to go to sites or participate in social events. If you feel like sleeping in a room and reading a book, you probably should.