Staycation – The next best thing to the holiday

What got me thinking about a staycation is the cost of fuel. Prices are very high where many have to stay at home. I like to have a holiday at home, but unfortunately, this summer is already going crazy with plans and travel. I have a company over the summer, a trip north (to the Northwest Territories) to see family and friends, a trip south to reunite with family, camping, and then my sister Kenya will come home from Africa to visit – so I will spend all the time I can with her. When he’s busy, I honestly shake my head about why I bothered planting a garden or flowers … I won’t enjoy it. All right.

Return to Staycation. If you’re planning to spend a beautiful summer at home, there’s one problem I’ve found … and “get out of work!” It’s a hard thing to do, but that’s what I wanted to remind you of, I give you permission to wash your clothes, leave your dishes in the sink, without washing your floors when you should have been enjoying yourself outside on those wonderful hot days. If not, you know that next summer will be over and everything you have done has been your usual habit. You will not enjoy “leisure”, you will lack enough rest and rejuvenation. After all, the root of entertainment is to “recreate” or re-create.

Make a list

The first thing I suggest is to start with a list of activities you might want to do this summer. Like goals, if you don’t write them down, they’re just a wish list and you don’t have anything specific to plan or work on. You don’t want to have another summer. Get your family to write down activities they would like to write about.

Make a provisional schedule

When I’m on vacation I don’t like to have a schedule. Actually, the reason we loved a Mexican Resort so much was that we didn’t have to make a reservation for dinner. They called us on our last trip to find out where and when we wanted to have dinner. I was very upset. I soon changed my attitude when I forgot to call the reservation phone one night. We went for dinner and had to wait in line for 1 1/2 hours to eat. After that they didn’t call me on the phone … I was on the phone.

So I don’t suggest you make a schedule, but what I want to do is start writing a weekly activity on your calendar for two reasons:

So you plan to actually do it

To make sure your list is possible in real life. You’ll realize that it’s impossible to do everything on your list, so you should match it. We have great plans in mind, but when you put them on paper, it’s obvious that there’s only so much time a day or week.

Activities on rainy days

Do you have any ideas or plans for these rainy days? I remember when I was young and I went to visit my older sister. He organized a treasure hunt for us, and hid a game at the end of the hunt – I think it was a spirograph. It was touching to solve the invention of finding the next clue, which kept us busy for a couple of hours. We played with a new game that created hundreds of nice photos for the whole summer.

If you haven’t been looking for Treasure before, I did it quickly and I posted it on my website along with this article if you want to download it. My website is below.

Another wonderful memory was camping at the gates. Our family wasn’t a motorhome, that’s something I learned after marrying Ken. A cold rainy weekend turned my mother’s kitchen chairs upside down and threw all the beds. He turned the overturned chairs into tents, made the beds underneath, threw us comics, Barbie dolls and snacks, and spent the weekend camping. We stayed in our pj’s all weekend, and when we got tired of reading, we watched TV. But I’m amazed at how he didn’t care that his living room was a complete disaster for the entire weekend. Hmmm, but when I stop to think – our hair came out this weekend …… WOMAN KNOW!

Here are some great ideas to add to your stay list:

  • Treasure hunt
  • there are rocks in your yard and enjoy your garden
  • Learn to sew
  • Learn to cook
  • Learn to make points
  • Read a fun book
  • Plan a picnic
  • Plan a walk to some nearby falls or parks
  • Go pick berries
  • Make play dough with lots of colors together
  • Homemade Sidewalk Chalk and enjoy driveway with graffiti and Hopscotch
  • Introduce your children to classic movies like Anne Of Green Gables
  • Make bubbles to blow
  • Make frozen pallets
  • Spend the day at the pool and ask for pizza for lunch
  • Spend the day going to all the garage sales
  • Spend a day at the local or state fair
  • Arrange a Mexican party with Pinata

Embrace summer travel home or stay home. It goes fast!