How to get your phone ringing after the holidays

One of the biggest problems for soloprene players when they return from vacation or a long absence is that their phone is not calling and bills are piling up.

Here’s a quick little game to get things moving again.

Take a piece of paper and make a small list of ten people to call immediately (or when you return from vacation).

These can include past customers, network colleagues, or any business card that you have yet to collect and have not yet filed.

The goal of the game is to get at least four people on this list ready to be ready for coffee or lunch with you for the next five working days, for a little “discovery” session.

Share your goals for the next ninety days with your coffee partner and what kind of clients you enjoy working with. Encourage your partner to do the same. Make a small brainstorm, aim to find at least one reference name for the other person and for you, and do the same with that name.

The key to making this game work is the request for two-level referrals: the first to contact the person you are contacting, the second with the person you are referring to, whether or not that person is a potential customer. If the referral is willing to work with you, they will and give reference immediately!

The energy around you will start to turn on, and before you know it, this phone will start ringing again with customers looking for what you have to offer.

That is, if you make that list right now … Do it! This little game can pay a lot. You win after making your list and calls!