4 Reason to move your list of containers

So an old guy with a terminal diagnosis decides to run away and create some great adventures before it’s all over. It was a fun movie that sparked a worldwide phenomenon. All sorts of people have started to “get out” of their normal lives in search of horrible memories and making lists of adventures to pump adrenaline before they die.


I don’t have a list of containers. I never understood the reasoning or inspiration behind the list of containers. Actually, I guess. You want your life to feel like it’s going to be an adventure. You want to feel brave, brave, full, full and cheerful! You plan to post photos of you taking the celebration beer with the most interesting man in the world. Yes, I get that. However, if you’re saving money and vacation days on the next boat list excursion to feel all of that, you’re totally wrong. Here are four reasons to throw your bucket list to the ribbon!

Arbitrary random is not “live”

Let it be clear now. I am not against adventure. I don’t cast a shadow on travel excursions. I love spontaneous moments. Revealingly, I’ve enjoyed quite a few adventures in my life. I strongly encourage you to gather as much fun as possible in your life as a human being right now and forever. If you want to jump off an airplane or kayak that works perfectly around an iceberg, go ahead as long as it makes sense and is meaningful to you. It all starts with the goal. Being able to doesn’t mean that. Doing so doesn’t even mean you have to jump. Hello mom.

Even the most arbitrary random moments in your life can be unavoidable. When you are living life with purpose and purpose, it helps to differentiate between what is arbitrary and personally meaningful and what it accomplishes for you. When you have a clear goal for your life, it will help you decide on the options that will give you satisfaction and inexpressible joy. You make better decisions with the goal.

Adventure Junkies are just junkies

The basic problem with being an adventure guy is part of all the nonsense. The momentary rise and the anticipation of the next success create a growing need to rise with more risk and excitement. Who needs it ?! Life is not about crazy adventures and experiences. Some of the most significant moments in your life are pretty, simple, and powerful moments to connect with yourself and other people. You don’t need safety equipment to connect with yourself. Every moment of life is about becoming the best moment of your life. If you feel alive in that open jeep that crosses the safari, you won’t feel alive for very long or very often. No lions.

Did the rumor catch you? What makes this experience “worth the bowl list”? It’s a sad expression of life that we work to be able to pay for on vacation every day. Why not live a life that doesn’t need an escape? What would that life be like for you?

Grand is often just a distraction

It’s not that increasing the waterfall isn’t what you should be doing. The question is what should you do instead? What are you avoiding by going down that raft in that jungle river? Where does your list of containers turn out to be things you don’t try to deal with? Curiously, we would rather fly halfway around the world to bond with another human being than create a meaningful conversation with a neighbor on the block.

How often do we create items on the bucket list to replace the simple simple “boring” things we can do every day. The best solutions to obstacles are usually the easiest. Easy to say, not easy. Don’t let the complexity and arrogance be the smoke and mirrors that take you away from the most significant and enjoyable moments of your life.

Find it in ordinary and ordinary happiness

What if you structured your daily life to be exciting, joyful, and joyful? What if you encountered adventure and adrenaline in your ordinary moments of the day? How much more would your daily life be if you existed at a higher level of happiness and joy every day? What happens to the wisdom you’re looking for sitting there in that cold gray slate booth you’ve been working on for the past 12 years? What would it be like to create a daily routine that would be better than any holiday adventure you could experience? You will be skeptical but it is very possible. Pay attention to what you personally care about. Choose to live your most ordinary moment with the most significant joy and throw that list of bowls at you!