Romantic Beach Vacation Summer 2009

Summer is a short but great season, often spent with family and friends enjoying plenty of festivals, food and vacations. The summer season is also perfect for a romantic walk on the beach in the evening on hot summer holiday evenings. Use these long summer days to explore the list of beautiful beaches and vacation spots located in the United States. This summer, find a unique destination for your beach, soak up the sun and play on the sandy beaches, making lifelong memories of Summer.

Maine is one of the most popular romantic summer vacation destinations for a variety of reasons. The warm, mild weather and rocky coastline, overflowing with granite cliffs, have offered unforgettable views to summer travelers for a hundred years. Maine’s popular summer destination is Bar Harbor, located in the Acadia National Park area, which offers beautiful white and sandy beaches and refreshing refreshing waters to help you enjoy and relax. Portland and the quaint coastal cities of Ogunquit are also located in this summer vacation area on Route 1A of the South Coast region of Maine. Both offer smaller beaches, but are known for their quiet, romantic beaches. Tired of the beach? How about a trip from the Central Coast of Maine to Southwest Harbor, where the holiday will find wonderful outfits, galleries, dining and lodging breakfasts unlike where you first lived. And of course, the Maine Summer vacation wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of the local fairs, including a freshly caught lobster, fried puppies, fiddle-headed potatoes, and my favorite, New England clam chop.

Another hot summer vacation spot is New Jersey’s Southern Shore, with more than 140 miles of clean beaches, famous restaurants, and summer festivals and events. This region has 7 of the top 10 beaches in New Jersey, including the # 1 beach located in Ocean City. Known as the American Big Family Resort, it’s a wonderful place for family reunions, group retreats, and of course beach weddings. The 2.5-kilometer-long promenade is home to excellent restaurants and a shopping center for adults and two amusement parks, a car rental and a children’s water park. Don’t forget the many miniature golf courses that are fun for the whole family! There is really entertainment for all ages in Ocean City, NJ. And no trip to New Jersey’s Southern Shore would be complete without visiting the historic Victorian town of Cape May. Cape May offers a variety of Summertime activities, including listening to the caress of the surfing beach, the excitement and excitement of strolling along the promenade, climbing to the top of one of Cape May’s famous lighthouses and enjoying the wonderful views and finally staying on the Victorian Coastal Bed and Breakfast. New Jersey’s Southern Shore offers a variety of activities to ensure a memorable summer vacation.

The Florida Keys region, known for its adjoining barrier islands, is known for its year-round sunshine and crystal blue skies as a favorite summer vacation destination. Key West offers a smooth white beach that surrounds its panoramic perimeter and is famous for its outdoor activities including world-class fishing, scuba diving, water sports and golf. After watching the unique Key West sunset, enjoy a variety of evening activities, including live entertainment by the city’s musicians and street artists. Grab your palate with an island specialty and dine at a local sidewalk cafe or gourmet restaurant and enjoy a nightly drink at one of the island’s legendary pubs and open-air bars. Accommodation in Key West is as diverse as the island itself, including high-quality resorts to traditional conch houses with comfortable bed and breakfast accommodations. With a city of fascinating contrasts and inspiring diversity, it’s easy to put your worries on the mainland aside and spend your summer vacation in beautiful Key West, Florida. I have personally visited Key West several times, soaked in memorable sites along the 4-hour drive from Key Largo to Key West, and would highly recommend a panoramic trip to the US 1 this summer for any holiday seeker looking for an unforgettable beach getaway.

With some of the best beaches in the United States, the coastal region of the southern Gulf of Texas attracts millions of visitors each year, especially during the summer vacation season. The 350-mile coastline stretches in a gentle arc from South Padre Island north to the Louisiana border, a Texas playground known for its natural beauty and diverse wildlife. The grasslands and marshes of the original moorland provide the perfect ecosystem for migratory birds to support rich marine life and winter nesting sites. On the north coast of the Gulf, you can explore the historic communities of Galveston and Crystal Beach. Galveston offers 32 miles of magnificent and exquisite sandy beaches, fine dining and live entertainment, and one of the largest and best-preserved concentrations of Victorian architecture in the country. Another popular summer destination in the Texas Gulf Coast area is Corpus Christi, which offers a rich mix of culture for a holiday getaway in a tranquil setting in a historic coastal harbor. As you travel to Corpus Christi, you can find soothing sea winds, endless blue skies and beautiful turquoise waters. Visit the promenade in front of the bay, the arts and museums district, the coastal restaurants and the entertaining nightlife while on a Corpus Christi vacation. South Padre Island is located on the tropical tip of Texas, which borders Mexico. It is known as one of the best holiday destinations in the country with beautiful beaches, high sand dunes and warm Gulf waters. Contrary to popular belief, South Padre Island is one of the warmest places in Texas in the summer, as Gulf Sea winds maintain a moderate temperature from the 80s to the low 90s. This best beach destination in Texas includes some activities to explore during your vacation, freshwater fishing, eating fresh fish and seafood served at local island restaurants, and staying at traditional breakfasts or historic hotel accommodations. There is no doubt that when traveling to the Gulf Coast of Texas this summer is for all travel enthusiasts.

Located in the central Pacific Ocean between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Central California Coast stretches thousands of miles from Santa Barbara to Monterey. The region is well known for its white and romantic sandy beaches and coastal views, excellent wine tours and artisanal villages. Holidays can be a choice of quaint and historic accommodations with bed and breakfasts, ocean-side homes. During days full of beautiful sunshine, discover surfing, water skiing, golf, hiking, biking, horseback riding, bird watching, farmers markets and film festivals. If you’re looking for a marina full of beautiful blue skies, shopping, dining, endless activities, unforgettable experiences, and a wonderful beach, visit Santa Barbara, south of the Central California Coast. Near the northern tip of Monterey Bay, 74 miles south of San Francisco, is the town of Santa Cruz Beach. There are plenty of attractions to look forward to, including the award-winning Santa Cruz waterfront and elegant Redwood woods, art and cultural events and award-winning restaurants. You look forward to a fascinating mix of history and natural beauty. The summer vacation to the Central California Coast will be memorable and enjoyable.

Bed and Breakfast suggests the aforementioned Summer Beach Vacation Vacation destinations based on personal experiences and other traveler entries. The locations were chosen because of the overall leisure options, the quality and popularity of the beach, the sunny days, the smoothness of the sand, the temperature of the water and the dining and shopping options.