Holiday rental protocol

So you’ve decided to stay in a privately owned rental home. Travel dates have been set, reservations have been made and you are now looking forward to a happy start to the holidays.

But wait, we’ve always been in hotels, so how exactly does this work? Will toilet paper be provided? With hand soap and laundry?

It’s good to ask these questions now, because staying in a privately owned rental property is significantly different than staying in a hotel. What you give up in comfort you gain in comfort and freedom.

For most holiday rental homeowners, make sure the basics are in place for your arrival, but remember, this is the best place to stay in your home and who supplies them there? Of course!

An owner does not want guests to have to use the bathroom just to find that there is no toilet supply. But they will not provide supplies for your entire stay.

So you should plan a budget for this. The first thing you want to come up with when you arrive is to look around and make a list of what you need.

You will probably be surprised to find food and other supplies left by the owner of the holiday home or previous guests. The main rule is to use what you find to be yours.

It is also normal to find certain multiples in the food supply. Each has its own level of comfort and preferences. Don’t be surprised if you find a couple of buckets of peanut butter and other such supplies. You can use them again, but if you find it inconvenient, add that item to your shopping list.

The cleaning team has generally been ordered to remove anything that may damage or attract unwanted animals. While we’re talking about this topic, when you let it try to ruin it or throw away anything that will attract mistakes.

You can also find non-food items such as bar soap, shampoo, dishwasher, dish soap, sunscreen, and more. You can use them, but they may not be your brand or whatever. So leave it to the next guest.

After looking around and taking stock, make a food list and go shopping. You want to make supplies for your stay and you should plan to replace everything you use. You certainly don’t want to be left without essential items like toilet paper and soap.

“Before you pay” is a kind of philosophy. If you leave the idea well for the next guest, they will do the same for the next guest. Hopefully, the next time you stay on a private property vacation rental, you will benefit from them, and equip your home well, as soon as you arrive.

Remember that you are always in someone’s home. Yes, you are paying the rent and using both is your right, but use it respectfully. If you move the end table or lamp, you should return these items to their original location.

If you break something, be responsible and if you can replace or offer to fix or share the cost. At a minimum, notify the landlord of the holiday home rental so that the item can be replaced for subsequent guests. Most holiday rental homeowners understand about wear and tear, but are very kind and considerate.

Remember, being in a vacation home is no more than being in a relative’s home. Would you use all of their supplies? would you rearrange their furniture without permission? If you break something, wouldn’t you be responsible and fix, replace, or at least report it to a relative? Use common sense and kindness, and everyone will be happy.

Being on a privately owned vacation rental is a great experience that allows families to have a comfortable vacation together. If you feel the need to be pampered, staying in a hotel with plenty of staff to meet your needs is a better option for you.

If you like your privacy and like the idea of ​​getting up in the morning sitting next to your PJ’s pool and having a coffee, then a private property vacation rental can’t be exceeded!